Case Studies

Over my entire career I've been called to Discover, Define, Design and Deliver. I was fundamentally a writer, but then consistently found myself researching audiences, identifying personas, developing logos, tones and brands, designing websites, and creating deep user experiences. 

It was called communications. It was called marketing. But it was never called UX. 

So in 2017 I enrolled in the DESIGNLAB bootcamp -- recently named Best Design Bootcamp by industry analyst SwitchUp.  There I formally coalesced the best practices of this craft that so many of us have accidentally grown into.

Here below are case studies and content produced through that process, joined now with real-world case studies from UX projects as well as marketing/communications where my UX thinking was applied.


The Surrealist’s Beer

A Case Study on “Son of Hop”


Cease and Persist

See what happens when you fool around with Big Burger…

ICOsplash - Copy.png


Product development meets crowdfunding campaign meets crisis management meets bitcoin. Huh?

ICO Social Plan.png

The Social ICO

Events and Social Media can't operate without one another. Here's how to execute the biggest social event of the 21st century.



Redesign the website for a start-up payments company offering offline, RFID payment technology.

File Nov 13, 1 20 02 PM.jpeg


Add a new feature to the existing platform of the streaming music juggernaut.


Quiet Lightning

Redesign the brand and website for a literary non-profit organization.


Town of Pulga

Design an end-to-end app for a resort destination and lifestyle brand.



Create the full UX for a hypothetical time travel company.


The Last Days of Palm

A stream-of-consciousness reflection piece on the final days of the Palm Pre Plus.